Cool Majors


Have you ever considered pursuing a career as a Screen Actor/Actress? Gain on-screen acting experience, techniques, and earn university credits by attending the School for Film and Television. Make your dreams of becoming a famous actor or actress come true. Famous graduates include Matthew Fox (Party of Five) and Jennifer Smith (Broadway's The Producers).


Do you enjoy following set procedures, manipulating numbers, or using your skills to analyze problems? Do you like counting beans? If you love leading others and working within a routine you may want to consider a major in accountancy.


Graduates of this program may find jobs working for private or commercial airlines. What other job could offer you the power of flying a 2000 pound piece of metal far above the earth's surface, and at the same time give you world wide travel, and excellent pay? Learn more about Aviation!

Computer Science

Computer Science is perhaps one of the most rapidly expanding fields of study. Computers are a vital part of business operations and more recently have become a fad in home use.


Do you find yourself glued to crime dramas like CSI and Cold Case? Can you often solve the crime before the characters in the show? If you would enjoy a career that investigates “who did it” and why they did, then a career in criminology may be for you.


A gratifying career in dentistry allows you to improve people's health by providing a range of care. Dentists are hard-working medical professionals who have a standing in their communities as leaders.


Did you know that is projected that by the year 2013, e-commerce will be a $963 billion industry?

Environmental Science

Do you think that it is important that we all appreciate the effect of human impact on the planet? Do you believe that science will ultimately provide the answer to our environmental challenges? If you have a love for the Earth and a passion for making it better, perhaps you should major in Environmental Science!

Game Design

Do you enjoy using computers? Do you use your imagination to create games? If you are interested in video games and want to learn how they are made, you may want to consider a major in game design.


Do you dream of being your own boss, traveling around the world, leading hundreds of employees? Take the first step towards a rewarding career in the hospitality industry.


Jewelry is used by millions around the world to enhance one's physical features or to express their mood. It is the perfect gift for any occasion. To pursue a career as a jeweler you must possess artistic qualities and attention to detail.

Landscape Architecture

Have you ever looked outside your classroom window and wondered what it would be like to work outdoors? Perhaps you should consider learning more about Landscape Architecture.

Veterinary Medicine

If you have an outstanding love for animals and an increasing interes in science, perhaps you may consider pursuing the Veterinary Medicine field of study.