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Do you find yourself wandering into the jewelry shops just to try on the biggest, radiant, rings or necklaces? A career in the jewelry trade gives you the opportunity to experience only the best in jewels. Jewelers have the opportunity to experience many important events in people's lives: graduations, engagements, weddings, etc. At the Gemological Institute of America future jewelers can learn the skills needed to run their own business, repair other's jewelry or make their own designs.

The cool benefits of the Gemological Institute of America:

  • Classes are open to anyone who is interested in the jewelry trade.
  • Learn how to distinguish between fake and real diamonds.
  • Design the ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings you have always wanted.
  • Receive hands-on training from experienced professionals.
  • Learn how to repair jewelry.
  • Achieve an awesome career in less time than most of your friends.
  • Obtain the skills necessary to start and operate your own jewelry shop.
  • Try on that jewelry you have always coveted.
  • Learn how to maintain the brilliance of your jewelry.

Programs Offered at the GIA

  • Graduate Gemologist Diploma (G.G.)
    This program takes 6 months to complete. When completed, students have the skills needed to become a buyer, appraiser, and senior professional in the jewelry industry.
  • Accredited Jewelry Professional Diploma (A.J.P)
    This program is available to complete in various ways: classroom, online, and distance education. This class is designed for the sales of jewelry, focusing on sales techniques and product knowledge.
  • Graduate Jeweler Diploma (G.J.)
    This diploma is an intensive 6-month program. The G.J. Diploma helps students gain the knowledge of a bench jeweler. This includes skills in fabrication, repair, and stone setting.
  • Applied Jewelry Arts Diplomas
    These diplomas can be completed in as little as 6 months. They focus on the design aspect of jewelry.
  • Jewelry Business Diplomas
    These programs are 10 weeks long. They focus on the management of jewelry businesses as well as sales.

Program Requirements:

Students must have a high school diploma or a GED to apply to this program.

How to Apply?

There are 3 ways to enroll: by phone, online, or by fax/mail. Applications are available online at

Other Schools Offering Jeweler Training:


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  3. California Institute of Jewelry Training, Carmichael, CA,
  4. American School of Jewelry, Sunrise, FL,
  5. Stewarts International School of Jewelry, Jupiter, FL,


  1. Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB,
  2. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, NS,


  1. Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery, England,