Career Resources

Now is the time to start making plans for your future. Whether you would like to attend university, college or go directly into the work force. Our Career Resources section contains some useful links that will help you develop your career plans.

Our Career Resource section is a great place to gather the information you'll need to help you develop your career or education plans. We've spent time and effort researching the best tools and services so you don't have to. Here, you'll find advice, additional resources, and hundreds of useful and relevant links.

The two guides in this section show you how to use your JVIS results to plan your education and your career. While a great deal of the information presented in these guides can stand on its own, we recommend that you take the JVIS and view your report before diving in to their contents.

  1. The Career Exploration Guide gives you a glimpse of the big picture of career exploration.
    • How to get the most out of your personal JVIS Extended Report,
    • suggestions, links, and resources for finding information on specific career possibilities, and
    • advice on making decisions and planning your next steps.
  2. The University Exploration Guide helps you make the most important education decisions, including resources and information on:
    • getting financial aid;
    • which university to attend;
    • selecting the best major for your interests;
    • a comprehensive list of majors, and descriptions of each.
  3. Our comprehensive career links section pulls together and organizes the Internet links we've found useful.