Take the JVIS

There are over 36,729 careers in North America. Without spending countless hours, it will be impossible for you to gather information on more than a few of them.

The JVIS is the product of years of careful research and offers detailed information about your interest patterns. It is designed for people serious about exploring their career interests and willing to make a reasonable investment in both time and money.

The JVIS will focus your search, and help you to make better career decisions.

Like buying a roadmap before a journey, a modest investment now will save you a great deal of time in the future.

It takes about 40 minutes to complete this assessment. Compare this to the average career, which spans about 10,000 days.

At just $24.00, the JVIS can be an important step towards making each day in your future career as meaningful and satisfying as possible.

All you need is a credit card, and you're ready to get started.