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The comprehensive Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) report consists of the 8 main sections listed below. Check out our sample report to view the JVIS report in action, or get access to your very own JVIS report by taking the JVIS now.


Basic Interest Scales

Your scores on the 34 JVIS Basic Interest Scales are the foundation of your JVIS report. These scores show how your interests compare to our large norming group on the work roles and work styles that make up the JVIS.


General Occupational Themes

This section shows how you compare to our large norming group on 10 general themes that should play a strong role in planning your career.


Academic Satisfaction Score

This score shows how your JVIS results compare with people in academic pursuits. While this score does not predict how well you will do in an academic environment, it does give you an indication of how comfortable you will be in such an environment.


Similarity to College Students

This section of the JVIS report shows how your JVIS results compare with students in a number of broad academic categories. Sample majors for your top 3 groups are given.


Similarity to Job Groups

In this section, your JVIS results are compared with those of people working in 32 broad job categories.


Top 3 Job Groups

Detailed information, including professional organizations, activities and Internet resources, is given for your top 3 job groups.


Where to Go From Here

This section provides additional resources, from general readings to career resources on the Internet, and provides you with a plan you can build upon.


Administrative Indices

Your JVIS administrative indices show how consistently you responded to the JVIS items, and how unusual your JVIS profile might be. If your JVIS results are unexpected, these administrative indices might explain why.