Cool Major of the Month

Game Design

Game design has become an increasingly popular area for career opportunities, and will likely continue to grow as computers, consoles, tablets, and mobile phones improve. In the game design program, students will learn about programming, game design and mechanics, 2D and 3D art and animation, sound, and project management. By the completion of their degree, students will be able to create new worlds with levels, characters, and more. Individuals who enter this career path may have opportunities to create, code, and test games.

The cool benefits of Game Design at Indiana University Media School:

  • The Game Design program is the newest degree at the University, launched in 2015.
  • Learn at a new school, with media as a focus.
  • The classes are designed for interactive teaching with media.
  • Be involved in running a game company with the opportunity to attend the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.
  • Take electives in art, sound, programming, design, management/advertising, and more.

Program Requirements:

Must complete requirements of Indiana University listed in the link below

How to Apply?

To complete an online application, please visit

Other Schools Offering Game Design:


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