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Have you ever considered being involved in the purchasing/selling of goods on the Internet? Today's business world is evolving towards cyber technology. Businesses everywhere are buying and selling through the Internet. The Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University offers the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in the business world. It incorporates ethics, social responsibility, and global awareness into every aspect of education.

The cool benefits of the Alders School of Business and Economics:

  • All courses are planned to focus on principal and practice.
  • It is estimated that by the year 2023 e-commerce will be a $6.5 trillion dollar industry.
  • Students receive a thorough understanding of analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance concepts.
  • Alders has a comprehensive hands-on training based curriculum.
  • Alders is an AACSB accredited school, an honor awarded to a small number of business schools.
  • Ranked among the business schools according to U.S. News & World Reports.
  • The Albers Mentor Program offers students the opportunity to interact with upper level executives from top Puget Sound companies and organizations; allowing students to establish contacts in the industry and discuss career goals.

Programs Offered at Alders School of Business and Economics:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Economics
    This program may be achieved in 4 years, with or without an internship. In order to complete their Bachelor's degree students are required a minimum of 180 quarter credits with a grade point average of 2.25.
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: International Business
    In this program students must be competent in a language other than English and pass the Modern Language Competency Exam. Complete a 3-5 credit internship with a company involved in international business in the Seattle area. The student must gain international experience through an Education Abroad program.

Program Requirements:

High school students must achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.75 cumulative and receive a 2.75 GPA in Math, Economics, and Account courses.

How to Apply?

Applications are available on the Internet at

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