Point your child in right direction!

The wrong major costs time and money

Every year, many students discover they are unhappy with their chosen major. Their motivation level decreases, their grades drop, and eventually so does their self-esteem and confidence. Changing majors results in additional expense and a delay in graduation.

Make an informed decision

This could all be avoided if students choose the right major before it's too late. The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) can help your son or daughter do this. Purchase the JVIS for the student in your life. A small investment now can save a great deal of time and money in the future.

Career Snapshot

The JVIS will provide a snapshot of your son or daughter's interests as they relate to the world of work and university. It will suggest majors and careers that they will find most satisfying, provide links and resources to explore these areas, and give industry contacts. There's even a University Exploration Guide that will help students choose the right school and major.

Advanced Assessment

The JVIS, through JVIS.COM, is the most advanced interest assessment available. Its development spanned a 10 year period, taking as its starting point the accumulated wisdom of 50 years experience with interest measurement.

Instant Results

All you have to do is invest US$23.00, and we will send an email to your son or daughter with everything they need to take the JVIS at any time. Results are available immediately upon completion.