Tell a Counselor

Is your son or daughter attending a high school or college? Do they come home with questions about their future education and career to which you do not have answers? If so, the JVIS can help.

You have encouraged them to do their homework all their life, so don't stop now. Encourage them to take the JVIS. Taking the JVIS can help your son or daughter develop a solid career direction which can, in turn, help them to stay on track at school, give them personal confidence and optimism about their future and minimize wasted money through school or major changes and lost credits. (With all these benefits, the JVIS is an excellent investment at only $23.00)

Let a guidance counselor at your local secondary school know about this site. He or she can set up a counselor account and provide this service to other students as well as your son or daughter. With the results of this test, the wide range of career interest and college requirement resources available in the guidance office, and the services of a guidance counselor, your son or daughter will be equipped to make a well-informed decision about future education and career plans.