Difficult Decisions

You have taught them how to speak, how to brush their teeth, and how to drive a car. Now they are ready for the next step - discovering what to do for the rest of their life. How do you prepare them? You have impressed upon them the importance of doing their homework, of being punctual and of treating other people well, but how do you help them find their calling? Let the JVIS help.

As a mother of high school and university-age students, I come into contact with a lot of other parents and hear the same remark over and over again: My son/daughter doesn't know what he/she wants to do next year. They do well in school, but can't seem to find an area that really piques their interest. In the past, I have recommended that they send their son/daughter to the school guidance counselor to ask if they may take the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS). Now, it is even easier because the JVIS is available on the Internet at JVIS.COM.

At a time when your sons or daughters are going through major changes in their life: hormonal, cultural, and societal, they are also expected to make the decision about the area of study in which they are to specialize. They are having difficulty deciding which shoes to wear out for an evening and we are requiring them to choose their future career. This decision is probably one of the most difficult to make because the rest of their life will be built on this foundation.

The JVIS can assist them in making that choice. In the short term it provides three areas of occupations in response to their choices on the inventory. In the long term, once they have done some follow-up research with the career resources offered on the JVIS site, they can choose a course of study that most closely matches their interests. The JVIS can most easily be taken from the privacy of your own home or their college dorm room - anywhere, in fact, that there is a computer available with internet access. You can pay for the JVIS now, and we'll send them an email with everything they need to take the JVIS and access their instant results.