Your dream or theirs?

Who among us does not want to see our children settled in a rewarding career that will ensure their financial success and stability?

Many parents think that if a child has the grades to be accepted into certain programs, then that is the direction they should take. I recall a student telling me that her father thought she should pursue a university education in engineering. Although she had all of the essential requirements and grades to be accepted into this program, she wasn't sure that this was her dream. After taking the JVIS, and seeing the results, she was able to confirm to her father that her interest lay in another direction. Her areas of interest highlighted by the JVIS were social science and counseling/student personnel. At this point she is completing a degree in psychology and feels strongly that this is the area in which she can find fulfillment.

Because this person is so confident in this decision, she has found it surprisingly easy to stay dedicated to the work involved even when swamped with work and assignments. She is looking forward to her graduation with a great sense of achievement. Her father is very proud of her and realizes that by her taking ownership of her future she has definitely come out a winner.

What about your dream?

Once your son or daughter has started down his or her own path to success, you can take some time out to reassess whether you have achieved your career dreams and decide whether you would like to pursue a different career direction. Further information about how to reevaluate may be found on the Career Changers page.