Open Doors to Exciting Possibilities

I always thought that it would be interesting to take a career interest test. Take the test. It tells you what job fits. Get the required education. Work. End of story. It sounds easy, but there are other issues involved. What if you don't think you like the suggestion? What if you cannot fulfill the education requirements? What if you can't perform the tasks necessary to succeed in that profession? That sounds more like a heavy door closing than one opening. Thankfully the JVIS does not work that way. Give the gift of the JVIS to your son or daughter and let them benefit from the process.

One of the advantages of the JVIS is that it opens the doors to possibilities not previously thought about. We have all asked our children about what they want to be when they grow up. The typical responses have been one of the following: teacher, doctor, lawyer, police officer, or firefighter. Most of us know of only a handful of occupations from which to choose. The JVIS will suggest occupations to your son or daughter about which they were not previously aware, but that fit their profile with great accuracy.

Have your son or daughter take the JVIS, then they can explore the top three job groups to see which one really is a better fit. The Where to go from here? section of the report contains a lot of information that will help them sort out their choices and possibilities. Let the JVIS be one of the first steps to opening the door on a future filled with possibility and potential.