What's your dream job?

What's Your Dream Job?

Think of someone that you know who really loves what they do for a living. It is no coincidence that you would probably describe them as having a successful career.

Have you ever wondered what their secret is?

The quick answer is Career Fit, which is simply working in a field that you actually enjoy. Career fit certainly won't guarantee that you will love every minute of your workday, but being in the wrong career WILL ensure a lack of excitement, ugly Monday mornings, and that stuck-in-a-rut-can't-wait-until-the-weekend feeling.

Where do you FIT?

Most of us probably think we know where we fit, so why aren't we doing what we love? Although JVIS.COM can't answer this question for you, it can provide you with detailed information regarding your career interests that will help you to answer it for yourself. The information may support what you already know and help make a tough career decision easier, or shed a big spotlight on a great opportunity you were not even aware of.