Case Study


Cathy was an instructor in the Nursing faculty at a Community College. She still enjoyed teaching, especially in this field, but no longer found it completely fulfilling.

JVIS Results

Cathy's JVIS scores underlined the aspects of her job that she liked, but also pointed to the reasons behind her dissatisfaction. Her high score on Medical Service confirmed that the applied health field was still the place for her. Her high scores on Teaching and Professional Advising reminded her of the need to keep an instructional component in her career. However, her high scores on Supervision, Human Relations Management, and Dominant Leadership showed that she would be happier in more of a management role. Her high scores on Academic Achievement and Technical Writing indicated an interest in further education or research, while her high score on Family Activity indicated that her role as a parent would always play a role in her career planning.


Cathy's decision was to continue part-time instruction in college nursing, while logging some resume-building time in part-time community health. She successfully obtained a position in hospital management, wherein she was able to fulfill her managerial impulses. However, she put her unfulfilled desire for a more academic role on hold until her children were older.

Based on a case study in The Applications Handbook by Marc Verhoeve. Published by SIGMA Assessment Systems.