Links for Career Changers

The following sites are directed to people who have decided that perhaps it is time for a career change or career advancement. They offer counseling, as well as information about companies and industries. Also there are a number of links to Educational facilities for those interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Career Information

  • AreaVibes
    A useful site that allows you to determine the impact of cost-of-living on take home pay in different cities, which is important to consider when finding a new career.
  • USA website Canadian website
    Browse a collection of job resources, get help with career planning, explore colleges in the US and CAN, and discover salaries with the Salary Tool.
  • Salary.Com USA website Canadian website
    Everything relating to salary and compensation, including The Salary Wizard that calculates salaries based on job title and geographic location.
  • WetFeet.Com
    A source for well-balanced information that can help you to make better career decisions. The WetFeet Network provides information on companies, careers, and industries that job seekers use throughout their careers to make smarter career decisions. WetFeet also offers resources on everything from negotiating a raise to writing better cover letters.

Training and Education

  • Department of Education - Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education
    OCTAE offers programs and activities to help you obtain the knowledge and skills you need for successful careers and a productive life. On this site, you will find useful information about programs, grants, and events related to adult education and vocational education; school-to-work; high school reform; community colleges; correctional education; tribal colleges and universities; community technology centers; empowerment zones and enterprise communities; and teacher development activities.
  • Second Career Ontario Canadian website
    A site that can help Ontarians fund a second career. Search career and school options.