Education and Training Options

Although you will certainly be bringing some transferable skills to a new position, you will have some learning to do. Fortunately, technology has made its way into the world of education and training. Most of us enjoy learning new things and if we can do this in a formalized setting, it makes us more marketable. The difficult part is finding the time. Computer-based training (CBT) certainly won't add an hour to our day, but it does give us the flexibility to learn when we have the time.

Many colleges offer portions of their curriculum via the Internet and only require students to attend class for tests. Instructors post notes and assignments on the class web-site, and some advanced programs offer downloadable video lectures. Many instructors host weekly on-line discussion groups where class members can discuss questions with each other as well as the instructor. When done well, this is an extremely useful tool. Look for it to explode in popularity as the industry of adult learning gets more competitive.

CD-ROMs are also an excellent source for your professional development needs. Although products offered span a wide range of quality and usefulness, the good ones are worth their price. There is an especially good fit in the area of software training or anything where you learn best by doing. When selecting training titles, look for interactivity (requires you to do something) and a structured and intuitive curriculum. Generally, the best titles come from established publishers. While there are certainly exceptions, you normally need extensive resources to do this well.

These options each allow you to commit to staying marketable without committing to someone else's schedule.