The Search

Job Sites have increased TV advertising revenues, and in the process, offered an alternative for employers and job seekers. National job sites like are spending millions of dollars in order to be The Place to find jobs.

These sites offer many advantages over the traditional classified section of the newspaper.

  • They allow keyword searches on everything from location to job title, which saves the job seeker time, and more importantly limits the chances of missing your perfect job.
  • Many larger sites allow you to post your resume for companies to search. Ensure the sites allow you to limit who can search (i.e. your current employer who doesn't know you're looking for a job).
  • Notification services provided free by many sites will email you when a job is posted that meets criteria that you pick.
  • Some companies will only list opportunities on-line and not in any newspapers, although, not as many as the job sites would like.

The important thing to remember is that despite their marketing, no single job site lists all available job opportunities. The newspaper is still a great resource, especially if you are in a smaller city and the major newspaper chains generally have an on-line version of their classifieds. City and industry specific job sites are also an excellent resource. The lesson is to look everywhere, and don't forget to network.