Cool Jobs

Advertising Copywriter

Join the world of slogans and jingles. As an Advertising Copywriter you can enjoy creating and editing your own t.v., radio and magazine ads.

Art Curator

Find yourself surrounded by DaVincis, Michaleangelos, and Van Goghs. As an Art Curator you can immerse yourself in the artistic world through appraising, exhibiting, interpreting, and much more!

Civil Engineer

Do you want to play an active part in the development and maintenance of essential elements of our society? Do you enjoy using math and science along with creativity to solve practical problems? If you are interested in how transportation, water treatment, and pollution control systems are designed and built, then consider becoming a Civil Engineer!

City Manager

You can have a crucial role in making decisions concerning your local community and your children's future by becoming a City Manager.

Emergency Medical Technician

Get into the business of saving lives by becoming an Emergency Medical Technician.

Financial Manager

Do you communicate well with others and are you comfortable working with numbers? Perhaps a career as a Financial Manager is the ideal option for you.

Massage Therapist

If you are looking for a growing occupation in the healthcare field, and enjoy helping others consider becoming a massage therapist!

Nannies and Care Providers

As parents try to juggle work and home life, popular t.v. shows such as SuperNanny remind us that there is an easier alternative. Nannies or Care Providers provide undivided care and attention children need and parents are assured that their children are under the care of a loving professional.

News Anchor

Learn more about becoming a news anchor!


If you like to work with people and are fascinated by the latest technology, perhaps you should consider a job as an optician!

Personal Trainer

Do you like exercising? Are you interested in helping others better their bodies? Do you enjoy talking to and motivating others? If so, you should consider becoming a personal trainer.

Professional Dancer

If you enjoy moving to the beat of music and feel the urge to get up and dance, perhaps you should consider pursuing a career as a Professional Dancer.

Recreation Worker

People spend much of their leisure time participating in a wide variety of organized recreational activities, such as aerobics, arts and crafts, the performing arts, camping, and sports. Recreation workers plan, organize, and direct these activities in various locations and community organizations. Recreation workers are also found in workplaces, where they organize and direct leisure activities and athletic programs for employees.