Cool Job of the Month

Personal Trainer

Do you like exercising? Are you interested in helping others better their bodies? Do you enjoy talking to and motivating others? If so, you should consider becoming a personal trainer.

Why it's cool

  • You make your own schedule.
  • There is great potential to increase income by accepting new clients or raising prices.
  • You have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping people improve themselves.
  • There are options for work environment: you can work for a company, a gym, or be self-employed and work from home.
  • Opportunity to work with celebrities or athletes.

Requirements for the Job

  • Must be personable and encouraging.
  • Must have willpower and agility.
  • Physical endurance.
  • Must be able to follow a flexible schedule (and be on time).
  • Must be able to plan routines/ workout programs specific to the client's capabilities and limitations.


  • High school diploma (or equivalent).
  • Complete a certification exam.
  • CPR and AED certifications.

Career Path/Average Salaries

  • The average wage for 2019 was $21.07 an hour with an annual salary of $43,843. Hourly wages can be as high as $400/hr. The variation in salary depends on the number of clients and the hourly/session rate. Training celebrities or athletes can significantly impact a personal trainer's salary.
  • Hours per week can vary from 10-40 hours.

Related Occupations

  • Dietician
  • Physiotherapist
  • Athletic trainers
  • Group fitness instructor
  • Physical education teacher
  • Coach

JVIS Results

You should consider this job if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • You should consider this job if you score above average on some of the following Basic Interest Scales: Medical Service, Adventure, Life Science, Nature-Agriculture.
  • Your JVIS Report should show one or both of the following occupation groups under your "Top 3": Sports and Recreation Occupations, Health Service Worker.

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