Cool Job of the Month

News Anchor

Do you sometimes feel that people don't listen to you as much as you would like? How gratifying would it be to have thousands, even millions of people take an hour out of their day to listen to your version of the story? What if you could get paid a very comfortable salary in order to speak with your city's, the country's, and even the world's most interesting people? Political leaders, 15-minute famers, business moguls, and entertainers. Don't like them? Ask tough questions. Make them squirm, and even make them look silly. Or what if you like the person you're interviewing? Make them shine, become friends, and exchange phone numbers. Welcome to the world of news anchor people, this month's cool job.

Why it's cool

  • Be an expert on the events that shape the world we live in.
  • Influence the audience's opinions on politics and current events…with your words and facial expressions.
  • Celebrity treatment, including priority seating at restaurants.

Requirements for the Job

  • Well spoken.
  • Somewhere between reasonably to very good looking.
  • Air of professionalism and maturity.
  • Confident under pressure.
  • Intelligence/ Being a quick thinker.
  • Courageous.
  • Likable.
  • Witty.


  • A (broadcast) journalism degree from college or technical school helpful, but more emphasis placed on taped auditions showing delivery, appearance and style.
  • Internship in the field is very helpful.
  • Most important is on air experience, obtained through hands-on college TV stations, volunteer internships at local independent, cable or network affiliates and experience in other TV newsroom positions.

Career Path/Average Salaries

  • Reporters and Correspondents $16.76 hourly, $34,870 annual.
  • Radio and Television Announcers $13.12 hourly, $27,280 annual.
  • Broadcast News Analysts $26.79 hourly, $55,720 annual.

Related Occupations

  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Sportscaster
  • Teacher
  • Weather Reporter
  • Actor

JVIS Results

You should consider this job if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • You have above average JVIS Basic Interest Scale scores in Performing Arts, Social Science, and Author-Journalism.
  • Your JVIS shows that one or more of your top 3 Ranked Job Groups is Occupations in Writing, Occupations in Entertainment, and/or Occupations in Law and Politics.
  • The JVIS recommends the following Major Clusters: Performing Arts and Communication Arts.