Sample JVIS Items

The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) consists of 289 pairs of work-related activities. Your task is to choose the activity from each pair that you like the most. As the sample items below demonstrate, this choice is not always easy. In some cases, you'll be asked to choose between 2 activities that you like. In others, you'll be asked to choose between 2 activities that you don't like. In either case, the JVIS will revisit similar activities, making sure that your interests are accurately ranked.

1. A. Making unusual glass vases.
  B. Attending a faculty meeting to decide on textbooks for the coming year.
20. A. Appearing on a talent show.
  B. Receiving sales commissions rather than salaried income.
40. A. Making prints with a silk-screen technique.
  B. Writing a summary of the minutes of a business meeting.
60. A. Conducting laboratory experiments on subatomic particles.
  B. Instructing school-age children.
80. A. Using an atom smasher to study small particles.
  B. Discussing vacation schedules with workers.
100. A. Studying the properties of a new chemical element.
  B. Having read all necessary material for a course or project.
120. A. Test-flying new airplanes.
  B. Adapting teaching material to make it interesting.
140. A. Running a machine that makes lace trim.
  B. Selling shoes in a large department store.
160. A. Raising turkeys.
  B. Compiling a list of definitions for an accounting textbook.
180. A. Accompanying the family on a drive in the country.
  B. Teaching a variety of simple subjects to young children.
200. A. Redecorating a summer cottage.
  B. Finding new ways to get workers to be more efficient.
220. A. Remodeling the basement into a family room.
  B. Participating in thoughtful discussions with experts.
240. A. Discussing subjects which require concentrated thought.
  B. Suggesting a reference book to a student writing a report.
260. A. Playing it safe in any job situation.
  B. Describing job duties to a temporary worker.
280. A. Promptly repaying all loans of even a few cents.
  B. Writing the biography of a 19th century statesman.