Career Exploration Guide

Welcome to the JVIS Career Exploration Guide (CEG). This is designed to give you a glimpse of the big picture of career exploration. It give you detailed explanations for every section of the JVIS Extended Report. In addition to this guide, JVIS.COM also provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), information about the JVIS, and more!

This guide is designed to work in conjunction with your JVIS. Click here to view your report in a separate window. If you've not yet taken the JVIS, you can follow along using our sample report.

The Career Exploration Guide is divided in to three main sections:

Interpreting the JVIS Report

Completing the JVIS and studying your JVIS Report will give you a lot of detailed information about your career interests. This section covers the important information needed to make the most of your JVIS Report. It also provides examples of the types of things you should consider, besides interests, when making educational and career plans.

Finding Information on Specific Careers

With thousands of jobs available in the world of work today, it's nearly impossible to gather information on all of them. Luckily you don't have to. Use your JVIS Report to focus on the jobs and majors that best suit your interests. This section describes resources and methods for gathering information on different careers.

Decision Making and Planning

This section will help you to decide between possible careers, and then transform your decisions into actions.