Administrative Indices

The Administrative Indices are designed detect problems that may have occurred completing or scoring the JVIS. They are designed to detect careless or random responses. Sometimes they can be irregular for other reasons. For example, if the number of Unscorable Responses is high (greater than 5%), be very cautious about interpreting results. Furthermore, if your results are well outside of the normal range on both the Response Consistency Index (i.e., is very low) and the Infrequency Index (i.e., is very high), you should be skeptical of your JVIS results.

For your information we have provided descriptions of each Administrative Index.

Unscorable Responses

Refers to the number and percentage of responses that could not be scored by the computer. If you completed the JVIS via computer it is most likely that all your responses will be scorable (i.e., 0 Unscorable Responses).

Response Consistency Index

This is a measure of the consistency of your responses. It is designed to help detect careless responding. However, low response consistency can also be a reflection of a lack of a well developed and consistent interest pattern at the time the JVIS was taken. If this score was low, plan to repeat the JVIS either when you have enough time and motivation to complete it carefully or after you have had further opportunity to develop your interests.

Infrequency Index

The Infrequency Index results from a comparison between your responses to the JVIS questions and those of a large number of other respondents of the same sex. A high score indicates that your responses are markedly different from those of the average person. This can occur from careless responding, although it might also reveal that you have a distinctive pattern of interests.

If both the Response Consistency Index and the Infrequency Index depart from the normal range, the likelihood of there being a question about the reliability of your results increases.