How will the JVIS help me?

Choosing the career and major that is right for you

Nothing is more tedious than working hard at something you don't like, day after day. People get worn down, get burned out, and give up. If you choose the wrong major or career, this is exactly what can happen. You could waste tens of thousands of dollars and months (or even years) taking the wrong classes or working in the wrong field. Avoid this. Choose a major and career that you truly enjoy. Feel energized, happy, and content. We can help you do this.


  • Will help you choose the major, university, and career that is right for you - the first time around.
  • Takes into account your UNIQUE, PERSONAL interests.
  • Gives valuable advice, industry contacts, useful links, and helpful resources to help you explore the worlds of work and university.
  • Ranks your 34 Basic Interest Scales, 10 General Occupational Themes, 17 University Major Clusters, and 32 Job Groups.
  • Is based on an accumulated 50 years of research. It is one of the most carefully crafted psychological measurements EVER created.
  • Was written by Dr. Douglas Jackson. He has chaired multiple committees of the American Psychological Association, has won numerous awards, and created an intelligence test used to screen NASA astronauts.

More than 33% of university students drop out before they graduate. Many of these people would have graduated with a degree they could be proud of, if only they found the major that was right for them. Don't risk your valuable time, or your future for that matter. Apply your talents in the area that is right for you. Let the JVIS help.

Even if you think you know the career and major that is best for you, wouldn't it be nice to have decades of research confirm your decisions? As scary as this sounds, the choices you make right now will affect the rest of your life. Give yourself every advantage, and make the best decisions possible. Start building an exciting future, TODAY!