Case Study


Jennifer is graduating from high school and has made plans to attend university. The problem is that Jennifer does not know what program to apply to because she does not know what job she wants to pursue in the future.

Jennifer's older brother had been in college for five years and during that time he had three different majors. Jennifer decided that she would not make the same mistake as her brother and would take control of her future by searching out a university program that would lead to a rewarding job. Jennifer began her search by browsing the Internet for information on the hundreds of different university majors that are available - an overwhelming task.

JVIS Results

Fortunately, in her search Jennifer found a link to JVIS.COM, a website that offered to solve all of her problems. Despite being a little skeptical, she decided her career was worth it and gave it a go. In less than 45 minutes she completed the occupational interest test and had received a detailed report. The report indicated that Jennifer displayed a high interest in creative arts, physical sciences and mathematics. Jennifer needed to find a job where she could be imaginative, but scientific as well.

She also scored moderately low in Academic Satisfaction, indicating that she may not enjoy studying, researching and other scholarly activities associated with being a university student. The report emphasized that this score was based on how her interests compared to the average university student and did not indicate her ability to perform well in school. Jennifer had always worked hard in school and achieved good marks so she decided this would not deter her from her goal of obtaining more education.


With the guidance of her personalized JVIS report, she decided that a career in engineering or architecture would be best suited for her interests. In fact her top three job choices were: 1) engineering and technical support workers; 2) occupations in fine art; and 3) mathematical and related occupations. She researched each of the job groups by checking out the recommended websites and books.

Jennifer followed the steps JVIS.COM offered on how to choose a university major. Based on her own grades, interests and the advice of others, she decided that a major in architectural engineering would maximize her interests in art and science. This major emphasized the application of engineering principles to the planning, design, and construction of buildings and would likely lead to a challenging and fulfilling job.

Jennifer also faced the problem of deciding which university to attend. Fortunately, she remembered that JVIS.COM also offered a guide to help choose a university as well. After examining the list of important considerations that she had developed, Jennifer decided that she would attend a university nearby to cut down on living costs and to be close to her family. Jennifer is now in her third year of university and is looking forward to graduating university and beginning her exciting career in architecture.

Now she isn't worried about what career to choose. But she is worried about her brother borrowing money when she graduates.