Case Study


Adam was considering dropping out of high school. He was not getting good grades in the math and science courses that made up most of his school day, and his poor performance was having an impact on his self-esteem. Part of his low performance appeared to arise from pressure from his father, a dentist, to find a professional niche similar to dentistry.

JVIS Results

Adam's JVIS profile showed high scores on the Finance, Business and Sales scales, an area not reflected in Adam's course selection. In addition, Adam scored high on Performing Arts and Social Service, indicating a strong interest in interacting with people.


Adam's counselor reviewed these JVIS results with both Adam and his father, and both agreed on a shift away his science-heavy course selection. Adam joined his school's Stock Market Club, and within six months was the top-selling broker in the club. His father reported that his home behavior had changed dramatically. Where he had been a TV couch potato; he now watched the business news. He even read the business section of the morning newspaper before school each morning. Adam's school grades improved, and he focused on business courses in his schedule the following year. After successful graduation from high school, he was accepted into a Business Management Diploma program at college.

Based on a case study in The Applications Handbook by Marc Verhoeve. Published by SIGMA Assessment Systems.